The “Animals Series” is not a collection, it's a place to connect with that childish side. It is a collection of images that contains those positive vibes that take us back to our childhood and let us escape a little from this adult life.
The most important for me when I make a picture is the “Storytelling” so, in this Animals Series, you will find that: Little Stories. Maybe a lot of characters, maybe just one. But I can tell you that every piece you find here, it's going to make you feel something, and it's going to steal a little smile from you.
The Phone booth collection
The Phone booth collection is my first collection and, im thinking where im going to publish it.
The idea for the collection came from the iconic English telephone box. Aesthetically it is incredible, simple, with a strong color that draws attention, and an even better symbolism. Through it, we can connect with the whole world.
So from that seed, the idea was born. Connect the Red Cabin with the rest of the world, taking it to the mountains, at the bottom of the sea, in the middle of the jungle, and give it a little personality. With this collection, I want to give life to that phone booth, and it's going to be a process.
The collection will initially have 5 editions. Then, the idea is that it will have two volumes of more than 5 editions each. And each Volume comes with an extra Rare NFT that I will deliver for free to the one who gets the most pieces of each volume.
Dreamaway Series
The dreamaway series is the collection of images in which that magical feeling of dreams can be seen in each work. The surrealism, the imaginary, the magic melts into the image so that everyone who sees them can be transported to that dream world.
Storytelling Series
History is the protagonist in this series. Each of the works that you will find here focuses on a story to see and understand. Some are more specific, and others I leave to a free interpretation.
As I am a book lover, in my library there are more than 300 fiction books. Each one with a different cover and behind that cover an incredible world to explore.
What I wanted to do with this collection was to create a minimalist cover collection of those classic works of fantasy, science fiction and horror. The idea is that the covers tell a bit of those stories.
It's an ambitious collection so ill be keep adding more and more covers.
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