The Phone booth collection is my first collection and, im thinking where im going to publish it.
The idea for the collection came from the iconic English telephone box. Aesthetically it is incredible, simple, with a strong color that draws attention, and an even better symbolism. Through it, we can connect with the whole world.
So from that seed, the idea was born. Connect the Red Cabin with the rest of the world, taking it to the mountains, at the bottom of the sea, in the middle of the jungle, and give it a little personality. With this collection, I want to give life to that phone booth, and it's going to be a process.
The collection will initially have 5 editions. Then, the idea is that it will have two volumes of more than 5 editions each. And each Volume comes with an extra Rare NFT that I will deliver for free to the one who gets the most pieces of each volume.
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